E-Link Technology Co., Ltd. (Industrial)
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E-Link Technology Co., Ltd. (Industrial)
Guangdong, China


Specialized in Portable Power since 2007




Ifans always provides professional manufacture for MFi battery case,Scooters,Qualcomm 3.0

 quick charger,Qi certified wirelesss charger, Car charger, Travel charger, Type-c Accessories and

 other Accessories of Computer/Table/iPhone and other Smartphone products.


we offer the first class quality and OEM/ODM service.

Main Categories

PD charger
Wireless charger
Car Charger
MFi Battery Case
US$9.50 - US$11.00/유닛
100 유닛(Min. Order)
US$10.00 - US$11.50/유닛
10 유닛(Min. Order)
US$17.00 - US$18.00/유닛
100 유닛(Min. Order)
US$10.50 - US$12.00/유닛
500 유닛(Min. Order)
US$8.00 - US$9.50/유닛
100 유닛(Min. Order)
US$18.00 - US$20.00/유닛
100 유닛(Min. Order)

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